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Transfer Course Guides

The following Transfer Guide indicates the way courses have transferred to the University of Vermont in the past. This information is constantly being updated and does not substitute for an official evaluation of transfer credit by the Office of Transfer Affairs.

Transfer Course Equivalencies

Transfer Affairs is responsible for Undergraduate transfer credit evaluations and bases its decisions on the best information existing at the time of evaluation. Revisions to course equivalencies sometimes occur as new information becomes available. No transfer credit evaluation is official until credits appear on the student's University of Vermont transcript. Please bear in mind that changes and additions to the information contained on this site are made when necessary. We encourage you to visit our site often and to consult with your academic advisor for final determination as to how specific courses might apply to your degree program.

Transfer credit is awarded in semester hours. Grades from your previous institution(s) do not transfer. At UVM, the course numbering system is as follows:

001-099 Introductory Courses
100-199 Usually intermediate with not more than one prerequisite, intended primarily for sophomores
200-299 Advanced undergraduate courses, intended primarily for juniors and seniors

More information on the course numbering system is available in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Transfer courses are either considered equivalent to courses offered at UVM (the course is assigned a three-digit course number in a UVM department and you will find the equivalent course listed in the UVM Undergraduate Catalog); or, are assigned a generic three-digit course number such as 0XX for introductory or 1XX for intermediate or 2XX for advanced undergraduate courses.

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